Mindful Owl Adventures -

Friendships Through Mindfulness

One moonlit night, as siblings Alexa and Chester are quarreling about their toys, the Mindful Owl suddenly appears in their bedroom. To help calm them, Mindful Owl shows the children how to slow-breathe, think loving thoughts, and visualize flying in a bright beautiful sky – and amazingly, they are now flying on an adventure to meet the Owl's woodland animal friends.

During their exciting journey, Alexa and Chester not only learn interesting information about each animal – but most importantly, how to be sharing, loving and mindful of others. The children then impart the Owl's lesson to all the animals – how to be kind, compassionate, get along and feel safe. (This is a "Reader-Participation Book," –the reader not only participates in discovering each animal, but even helps to save one of the animals during the children's adventure.)

Mindful Owl Adventures 
Coloring and Workbook

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